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turns out I hadn’t anticipated the consequences of the connotations of the title of this blog – new address:

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I try to watch some of the coverage from 9/11, and all I can do is cry. Same thing nine years ago: I cry, I pray for those involved, and their families. I cry until I get a headache, and I try to remove those images from my mind. I can still see in my head a group of firemen, kneeling, just before going into the tower, receiving the last blessing from a priest. They knew. But they went in anyway.

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We have a very small garden. This year no zucchini – none at all – but we have done very well with yellow crookneck. We have eaten it steamed, boiled, grilled, sauteed, stuffed, fried, baked, microwaved, raw, and in soups. Now, you might think I am tired of it – but I’m not. I love yellow squash, and it will soon be gone, it doesn’t freeze well, and next year might not be a good year for it. So I’m still trying to be as happy as I was when the first one made it from outside into the kitchen.

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